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Intro: Graphic Design

6-12 GRADE

During this class you will use the skills you learn to create your own personal brand that you can use for your resume, portfolio and more.

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Scratch Coding



Do you want to code your own story and game, animate words, and learn how to talk to your computer? This is the class is for you!

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Comic Illustration

6-12 GRADE

This program offers a look at the fundamental building blocks of the comic book medium. Join today and learn a new and exciting skill!


Intro: Interior and Environmental Design

8-12 GRADE

You will learn the basics of interior and environmental design and how to create visually appealing settings in this program. 

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Intro: Audio/Video Production

6-12 GRADE

This program will introduce students to the foundations of audio and video production through hands-on manipulation of the audio and video assets provided.

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Write a Novella

6-12 GRADE

Have you ever wanted to draft your own novel? Sounds like a daunting task, right? Wrong! You just need an idea, time, and something to write with.

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Stride Enrichment Programs help ignite interests in teens and adults and encourage them to learn new skills, build a portfolio of creative work, and foster long-lasting friendships and professional connections. Registration opened this week and is available to all students and adult learners nationwide.

Participating students will have the chance to connect with a diverse range of industry experts, build essential skills, and find new opportunities to expand their horizons as they head into the spring.


“Students and adult learners want next generation skills that will take them to the next level and prepare them for jobs of the future,” said Karen Ghidotti, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Advocacy & Retention at Stride, Inc. “Each of these programs enables learners to invest in themselves in a way that can open new doors and start them on a path to success.”

End of course

Improve your personal portfolio by including a certificate of completion in a high-demand skill area.


The instructors who lead our programs are experts in the field they are instructing, ensuring relevant information will be presented that will excel your learning.

LiVE instRUCTIon

Weekly live instruction and engagement that allows you to engage directly and enhance learning in your areas of interest.


Learning like you didn’t realize you were learning.  Instructors focus on you and keep learning engaging and interesting.